Experience is the best teacher. In these blog posts, I pen down my experiences with tools, technologies, languages, techniques in simple words for my readers.

Enjoy the read.

For the first website that I created in my life, I used plain HTML to structure the page and simple Read more
In recent years, one of the most popular server-side Python web frameworks is Django. Despite the existence of numerous other Read more
As software engineers, we usually create a single account in Github. We create different repositories in it and maintain our Read more
There are a few potential areas in the quality engineering space where applying Machine Learning concepts can help us get Read more
A few weeks ago, I wrote a LinkedIn post mentioning how people are spending most of their time fixing (or Read more
Reading code and understanding a proven project's detailed design/implementation is a good activity to spend time on. I am trying Read more
During 2018-19, I was studying a lot about Machine Learning and Deep Learning at the weekends. As a small side Read more
You know that, right now, "pandas" is the most popular open-source dataframe library in the world of Data Science. It Read more
If you are in the field of Software Testing, you are probably aware of the fact that the arena is Read more
The traditional and most common way of looking into “automation” applied to the software testing field is the automation of suites of Read more
Introduction If we talk about program development and maintenance, we must talk about “Refactoring” too. If the word “Refactoring” does Read more
Introduction In my earlier blog posts, I have discussed In detail a couple of ways to create objects in Java Read more
Introduction Internet is the backbone of how we mostly communicate today with each other and across the world. One thing Read more
In one of my previous blog posts, I have explained how, many a time, it is advantageous to use “Static Read more
The year was 2017, early Jan or probably Feb. I had recently joined a project and was asked to start Read more
One of the most important aspects of using an object-oriented programming language is how and when programmers decide to create Read more
The selection control mechanisms are present in almost all the modern-day programming languages. In selection control structures, the conditional statements Read more
In this blog post, I will be explaining everything you need to know about MySQL. You can treat this as Read more
When done well and effectively, BDD or Behaviour-Driven Development can set a company apart from its competitors by creating a Read more
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard, language independent, data interchange file format which uses human readable text to Read more
As software engineers, most of the time we are working with the web browsers like Chrome (from Google), Firefox (from Read more
To be honest, whenever I come across any new test automation tool in the market, be it open-sourced or commercial, Read more
Free and open-source JDK15, Oracle’s most recent implementation of the JavaSE (Standard Edition) platform, has just been released few days Read more
Out of the beta, GitHub has just released GitHub CLI 1.0.GitHub CLI (Command Line Interface) is a free and open-source Read more
I will be honest. The first time I came across Git, I found it to be quite complicated and difficult Read more
Today marks the 25th birthday of the Java programming language. For a programming language to be consistently present at the Read more
Coding is actually a lot of fun, I agree! But there are times when you would want to just get Read more
I came to know about this powerful Java library “Lombok” last year from a colleague of mine when we were Read more
Reinforcement Learning is a machine learning technique in which the machine learning models learn from a series of decisions and employs trial-and-error mechanism Read more
As discussed earlier in the Introduction section of this Machine Learning tutorial, Unsupervised Learning is a machine learning method which Read more
Classification is a type of Supervised Machine Learning method of classifying new input data after the model has learnt to Read more
Regression is a type of Supervised Machine Learning method of modelling a target value based on independent predictors. The Regression Read more
In this Machine Learning tutorial we will be using Python as a programming language and hence we need to install Python IDEs and Python Read more
Machine Learning (popularly known as ML) is the study of different Algorithms and Statistical Models (using data) which can be used by computer systems to perform/ predict/ Read more
Cucumber is a collaboration tool that supports BDD (Behavior Driven Development). Cucumber has the ability to read executable specifications written Read more
Mobile Applications have become an essential part of any successful business. Hence, Mobile Application Development is growing across the tech Read more
Selenium is the most popular and widely-used open source collection of automation tools and libraries which enables and supports automation Read more