Here are some articles that I have written for various International Tech Magazines and Platforms like DZone, TestProject, StickyMinds and QATouch.

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Test Automation beyond Test Cases

With scripting examples, this TestProject article was my attempt to help people come out of the tool-first mindset while automating things and take a holistic view of what “automation” is. The term automation has become so synonymous with certain tools that we tend to ignore the applicability potential of automation in general while testing products. More so when we talk about Continuous Testing where there is a need to shift in thinking from automating “only” the checks to embracing automation of “anything” that will add value to our work and help improve product quality quickly and efficiently. The article consists of few simple automation utilities that demonstrate how small scripts can make our life easier .

Managing Environments in Software Development Life Cycle

Managing environments in SDLC is a challenging task. In this TestProject article, I have written about some key points which can be considered to manage different environments efficiently.

8 Steps to Enter the World of DevOps

I always prefer to take a structured approach while learning new things and the results have been fairly good till now. For DevOps, things to know are many and the journey is certainly not limited to a couple of tools. It’s quite frequent for us to get queries on how to move to DevOps or how to adopt DevOps and more often the discussion starts and ends with the mention of some popular toolset. In this TestProject article, I have taken the approach of writing and describing the steps which one could take to enter the world of DevOps with some good solid foundation.

Exception Handling and Custom Exception in Test Automation

Handling Exceptions efficiently while running tests is important to deal with unexpected framework/tool issues or to display/log important information related to the running tests. In this TestProject article, I wrote few points on how to handle exceptions efficiently and how to use Custom Exception in Test Automation frameworks.

A Guide on How To Test Cloud-Native Applications

In this article published in TestProject, I presented my views on how to approach testing applications which are Cloud-Native. With many companies focusing on building new or refactoring their legacy applications to be Cloud-Native, testing such applications comes with its own set of challenges due to its high complexity and distributed nature, which I have discussed in this article. The article will also give you some insight on : Testing Pre- and Post- Production, Observability and Monitoring, Performance, Canary Deployments and Dark Launches, Smart Feature toggles/flags/bits/flippers, Chaos Engineering and FMEA.

The Fundamentals of Kubernetes and its Value for Testing

In this TestProject article, I talked about the Container Orchestration platform Kubernetes (k8s) , its fundamentals and how it can add value to Software Testing. For the readers, things which I covered in this article are: Containerization, Kubernetes as an orchestration platform, Kubernetes architecture (clusters, pods, nodes, kubeproxies, kubelets, control plane), The Node Components and the Control Components, Value added by K8s in Testing, K8s concepts which are important to testers, and a few important kubectl commands as reference.

Reduce Your Test Automation Costs Significantly with Open Source Frameworks

In this article published in TestProject , I talked in length about the various ways Open Source frameworks can reduce Test Automation costs

A Pragmatic Learning Roadmap to Becoming a Highly Effective SDET

In this article published in TestProject , I presented a pragmatic learning roadmap to becoming a highly effective SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test)

Microservices Architecture and its Testing Challenges

In this article published in TestProject , I described the Microservices Architecture and discussed about the challenges to test such an architectural style

10 Actionable Tips to Excel as a Test Automation Engineer

In this article published in TestProject , I have shared some actionable tips which will help people to excel in their career as Test Automation Engineers.

10 Selenium Capabilities Simplifying Web Application Testing

In this TestProject article, I talked about few important and useful Selenium WebDriver capabilities, some standard and some browser-specific, which help us to perform Web Application testing.

7 Proven Methods to Increase Automation Code Quality

In this article published in TestProject, I have written at length on the things which can help us to improve the Code Quality of Automation Frameworks The article also drills down into some of the Coding Practices (like High Code Cohesion and Low Code Coupling), the adherence to which can restrict the violation of most of the Coding Principles like YAGNI, KISS, SOLID, SLAP, DRY.

Why Should Testers Start Learning Build Management Tools?

DZone selected this article on build management tools and published in their DevOps section.

Debunking the Debugging Myths in Test Automation

In this article published in QATouch, I tried to debunk some common Debugging myths in Test Automation.

Why Should Testers Start Learning Build Management Tools?

In this article published in TestProject, a free test automation platform created to help the testing community across the globe, I talked about the importance of learning Build Automation Tools in our tech journey.

Clean Coding Practices for a Scalable Test Automation Framework

In this article published in the popular QA magazine StickyMinds, I talked about some clean coding practices that are needed to be followed if we want to create a Test Automation framework that will be easily scalable and maintainable.