JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard, language independent, data interchange file format which uses human readable text to
As software engineers, most of the time we are working with the web browsers like Chrome (from Google), Firefox (from
To be honest, whenever I come across any new test automation tool in the market, be it open-sourced or commercial,
Free and open-source JDK15, Oracle’s most recent implementation of the JavaSE (Standard Edition) platform, has just been released few days
Out of the beta, GitHub has just released GitHub CLI 1.0.GitHub CLI (Command Line Interface) is a free and open-source
I will be honest. The first time I came across Git, I found it to be quite complicated and difficult
Today marks the 25th birthday of the Java programming language. For a programming language to be consistently present at the
Coding is actually a lot of fun, I agree! But there are times when you would want to just get
I came to know about this powerful Java library “Lombok” last year from a colleague of mine when we were